Best Pro Scooters for Advanced Riders

Are you reaching pro level status? Throwing down those big tricks requires an advanced scooter that can handle the pressure. Madd Gear makes a complete to suit your price range and ability but how do you select the right one? There are some key features you are going to want including high quality threadless forks, metal core wheels, nylon brake as well as a deck measuring that fits your size. This guide will give you a great idea of which Madd Gear pro scooter is right for you as an advanced rider.

The Madd Gear Guide to the Best Pro Scooters for Advanced Riders - Our Top 3 Picks

The number one thing that matters most for an advanced scooter set up is the size and durability of the scooter. Why does fit matter so much? Finding the right size scooter for your height/weight makes a huge difference in advancing your tricks and taking yourself to the next level. If your set up is too small or too big then your progress will be hindered. Learn how to choose the correct size pro scooter at our other blog post, HERE

3. Madd Gear Origin Team

Let's start with option number three, the Madd Gear Origin Team Pro Scooter. This model is a good option for an advanced level rider who is on the shorter or younger side. We recommend this scooter for riders who are 4'8" and up. It comes with  a full-size 5" x 20" aluminum deck with integrated headset to allow ample room for stomping all your best tricks! The Origin Team is a very popular option for our sponsored Regional Pro Riders. 

Product Overview 

origin stunt scooter specs


$249.95 (Currently on Sale - Save up to $90!)

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2. Madd Gear MGX E2

madd gear mgx extreme stunt scooter

Moving up the ladder to our number two choice, we are entering our Extreme models. The Madd Gear MGX E2 is one of the highest spec completes on the market and one of the lightest available sitting at just 6.9lbs. The main difference between our MGX and MGO range is weight of the scooter. If you need something ultra-light, this is the option for you because you can almost fly on this scooter. However, the MGX is a tiny bit less durable than the MGO. So, if you are landing really hard on your scooter deck then maybe upgrade to our first or third option so you don't risk destroying the scooter with poor landing. 

Product Overview

madd gear mgx e2 pro scooter specs


$299.95 (Currently on Sale - Save $110!)

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1. Madd Gear Origin Extreme 

madd gear origin extreme pro scooter 

The Madd Gear Origin Extreme scooter is the pinnacle of stunt scooters. Most of the MGP Pro Team rides this deck or similar version, including 4x World Champion, Jordan Clark. With a full size 20" long x 5" wide aluminum integrated deck and alloy bars, not only is this complete one of the lightest in the market, it is also one of the strongest. If your goal is to become one of the most advanced riders in the world, then this scooter is going to be your best bet. 

Product Overview

mgp origin extreme pro scooter 


$299.95 (Currently on Sale - Save over $100!) 

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