How To Teach Your Toddler to Ride a Scooter

All parents know that toddlers have an unnatural amount of energy. Getting your kid outside and spending time with them is one of the best ways to burn through those crazy energy levels. Making time outside fun is made easy when introducing a scooter into the mix. Scootering comes naturally to some toddlers while others find it more difficult. We put to together this quick guide to help you teach your toddler how to ride a scooter so you can relax and they can have fun!

Teach Your Toddler to Ride a Scooter

Start With the Right Equipment 


There are two types of scooters; two-wheeled scooters and three-wheeled scooters. We recommend that toddlers aged 3 years and up to go for a three-wheeled scooter. If your toddler has a good sense of balance and athleticism you can opt for a two-wheeled scooter but keep in mind this will be more difficult to learn on. We suggest that you start your toddler on a three-wheeled scooter and once they have mastered riding that, move on to a two-wheeled scooter. 

Three-Wheeled Scooters

toddler riding scooter

For three-wheeled scooters our team recommends the Zycom Zipper Scooter. This scooter has some features that parents will love and additional features that toddlers love. 

Zycom Zipper Scooter Product Features 

  • Durable yet Lightweight Quality Construction
  • Madd Flip-It Motion-Activated Light-Up Wheels
  • Three-Stage Height Adjustable Handlebar
  • Carving Action Pivot Steering System
  • Low-Profile Stable and Wide Deck
  • Flanged Non-Slip Handlebar Grips

Two-Wheeled Scooters

If your child already has some experience with scooter riding or has good level of balance, you can go for a two-wheeled scooter. We recommend the Carve 100 for toddlers 3 years and up. 

toddler two-wheeled scooter

Carve 100 Scooter Product Features

  • Durable & Light-Weight Construction
  • 3-Stage Height-Adjustable Handlebar with Comfort Foam Grips
  • Easy-Lock Folding System for Storage and Transport
  • Smooth Rolling 100mm Composite Core Wheels & Quick-Stop Brake

Protective Gear 

Before your kid starts riding, make sure they have a helmet! You can also add elbow or knee pads for extra precaution. If you choose a three-wheeled scooter, the Zipper scooter always comes with a matching CPSC approved helmet. We also have helmets for kids with bigger heads that are EPS approved. Regardless of which helmet you use, make sure they are approved and pass the required certifications. 

Shop Helmets 

Shop Zycom Zipper with Matching Helmet 

Introduce Riding Slowly 


Depending on your toddler's demeanor, they could be really excited to start riding a scooter or really scared. Regardless of their first impressions, the best way to introducing riding to your toddler is to start slow. Here are some tips:

1. Practice Standing First

Balance is key to riding a scooter successfully. Toddler's equilibrium isn't necessarily developed yet so a great first step is practicing getting on and off the scooter. Sport equipment retailer, Decathlon, advises to have toddlers grab the handlebars, stand on the platform and experiment with steering. 

2.  Start Indoors 

Another great tip that we found from another blog post is to start indoors when the scooter is brand new. We love the idea of practicing on a soft surface like carpet or tile before hitting the cement. 

3. Use Positive Reinforcement 

As a parent it is hard to let your kid try new things, especially activities that could possibly hurt them. However, this is the time for helicopter parents to take a backseat and use positive affirmations when your kid is riding to build confidence. 

Lead By Example

A big way to make this learning experience better for your toddler is to ease their anxiety by leading by example. Scientists say that parents with successful children role-model persistence and engage with their child's learning


Don't have a scooter yourself?? Well, it is about time you get one! Scooters aren't just for kids you know. We have three different adult scooter options that can be checked out in our blog post, The Best Commuter Scooters for Adults in 2023. Chose what is best for you and lead by example!

Make It a Habit

When learning something new, consistency makes a huge difference in ability and in confidence. Make it a habit to go riding on your scooters once a week. When your toddler gets the hang of it, they will want to ride more than once a week, trust us! And with your adult scooter, you can spend some quality time together outside. 

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