Juzzy Carter: French impressionism meets the streets

Pro Rider, Juzzy Carter, took over the MGP Instagram account to answer fan’s questions about his highly anticipated V2 Signature Deck. He discusses everything from size, weight and the motivation behind the Van Gogh-inspired deck artwork. 

When is the signature deck coming out?

It got held back a little bit because of port congestion, but you will see it in your country by the end of November/start of December. Within the next month it will be in stores.

How heavy is the new deck?

The 6” W x 23” L is going to be about 4.5 pounds. The original V1 deck, which was 5” W x 22” L was about 5 pounds. So this new deck is much bigger and much lighter. It's good value. 

juzzy carter action shot with filmer

What one felt better? The signature V1 or V2?

I loved the 5 wide, it was amazing but I was on that deck for about 3-4 years. I was over it by that stage. The 6 wide is big, wide, comfortable and light. It is also strong as hell.

How many sig decks have you gone through?

A:I was testing prototype decks for over a year. I went through a few at that stage. I was trying to get that balance between light and strong. Which is a really hard happy medium to find, but we found it. I have been on the last prototype for 7 months, still going strong. 

Is there going to be another sig deck edit? If so, when will it drop?

Yes forsure. However, this video has unintentionally turned into one of my biggest projects ever. Now I am unwilling to release it early. I want to put in another year's worth of effort and footage before I release it. So probably another year until I release it. I don’t want to compromise. I want this to be really special. 

Why are you leaving Melbourne?

I kind of need to move on. COVID-19 locked me back here for 18 months and in terms of filming opportunities and riding in general, I need to get out for a while. Where I am moving to though, you will find out soon. 

What are all the sizes? 

There are two sizes. 6” W x 23”L for the biggest size and 5” W x 20” L for the smaller size. However, the 5x20 will be released a couple months after the 6x23.

Honest answer. Have you broken any?

Honestly, no. There were prototypes in the first couple of months that I did break, but that was because we were compromising too much. We were making it too weak and too light but since we found that happy medium, I haven’t broken any. I have been on the same one for 7 months now.  

What’s the best size street deck for intermediate riders? 

That is a hard question. It usually depends on how big you are. I do see a lot of kids on 6 wide's but that is purely out of preference. So if you like how it feels, having a bigger deck, then I would say go for it. But definitely have a look at both and choose which feels better for you. 

juzzy carter signature v2 deck

Why the Van Gogh type graphic?

When designing it, I went through so many drafts of French impressionist styles. In the end, The Van Gogh Starry Night just ended up being the most commercially relatable. The rest looked really good but this one stood out the most to me. 

What inspired you to go with the Van Gogh style?

When I was in Paris last, I had a lot of free time and I was visiting a lot of museums and galleries, looking at a lot of French impressionist work. Van Gogh is incredible and a style I wanted to incorporate. I am really stoked with how it came out. 

Will we see a possible V3 in the near future with a 6.2 wide deck? 

I hope so! 6.2 would be cool. I love the 6 but as time goes on , you want to adapt. So who knows? Comment on all of Madd Gear’s posts, make it happen! 

What is your secret with rails?

There is no real secret honestly. It is all about years of practice and building up confidence to do bigger rails. Also, looking at things with an open mind, getting creative and thinking outside of the box. Look for things that you can grind that are… weird. 

I can’t wait for this to drop!! 

Thank you for all the questions! I also can’t wait for this to drop. We have another month and it will be dropping internationally, everywhere! Can’t wait to see you guys ride it.

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