MGP How To: Care For Your Pro Scooter

So you bought your first Pro Scooter and need some tips on how to care for it? Maintenance of your scooter is extremely important for your scooter's longevity. Our team has created a few how-to videos that go over the basic care and maintenance of our scooters. 

How To Dial Your Scooter

MGP Pro Chris Farris will take you through the key areas to focus on when dialing in your scooter - Compression System, Wheels, Brake and the importance of having consistent tension on your clamp bolts.

How To Adjust Your IHC Compression 

MGP Pro Chris Farris shows you every component of your hidden compression system. Learn how to disassembly and reassembly your IHC the right way in this video.

How To Fix a Still Headset

Learn how to disassemble and reassemble your IHC the right way in this video.


Have more questions? 

Leave a comment below on what how-to video you we should do next! If you need further assistance, you can contact our team on social media or use the chat feature on our website. 

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