MGP HOW TO Choose the Correct Size Pro Scooter

Picking the correct size scooter is one of the most asked questions we get at Madd Gear. 

The age and height of the rider is the most important a factor to consider when choosing a scooter. For that reason, we built our website with a scooter height selector on the front page and created a Pro Scooter Size Guide that you can view below.

Scooter Size Guide

There are several other components into picking the perfect scooter such as deck size, deck type, bar height and weight. We have created a video explaining all these components that we suggest you watch if you are planning on purchasing your first Pro Scooter. 

Choose the Correct Size Pro Scooter

MGP Pro Chris Farris takes you through choosing the correct scooter. He goes over three different Madd Gear models and shows the difference between a park deck and street deck.

Have More Questions? 

Leave a comment below on what how-to video you we should do next! If you need further assistance, you can contact our team on social media or use the chat feature on our website. 

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